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Why buying property in the Central and Western District?

1) Traditional elite school district:
There are a number of high-quality elite schools and international schools in the district, such as King’s College, St. Stephen's Girls' College, St. Joseph’s College, etc.
And Hong Kong ranked first and the oldest university: The University of Hong Kong.
2) High potential for value preservation:
Land on Hong Kong Island is very limited and there is a shortage of supply. In the case of insufficient supply and rising demand, prices will only continue to rise.
3) Commercial center:
The Central District (Central) is the heart of Hong Kong, as well as the commercial and financial center of Hong Kong. There are many Grade A office buildings in the district. Companies that set up headquarters or branches in these areas are well-known companies from various countries.
4) Luxury housing area:
The Mid-Levels West district is a traditional luxury residential area. The properties in the area are built on the hillside. The landscape is open and the "Fengshui" is very good. It is a place where the rich and celebrities live.

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